Why Is HGH In Demand?

For those who regularly keep themselves updated on the developments in the health, wellness and anti-aging industry, they probably already have heard about HGH and its supposed benefits.

HGH is currently one of the most in demand products in the industry. This is because it provides a lot of unique benefits. It comes in different forms. There is also solid science that backs some of the claims of HGH. But why is it really in demand?

For those who wish to know, here are some of the main reasons behind the popularity of HGH.

  • It helps in cell repair

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is a natural hormone found in every person’s body. HGH appears in significant amounts during a person’s early years.

This is because the body needs the HGH during this phase of development in order to maximize and facilitate the growth of a person from a child into a fully grown adult. This is the main reason why it has great cell repair properties.

HGH basically stimulates growth and repair in the body. Cells just recuperate and regenerate faster with the help of HGH. This characteristic benefit makes HGH ideal in many anti-aging applications. With HGH, skin repairs faster and organs remain at peak performance.

  • It helps in keeping a person young

HGH supplements can help a person retain his youthful vigor. This is accomplished by the fact that the organs in the body are not subjected to too much wear. Since HGH helps facilitate cell repair, organs that are overworked are able to recover faster.

As such, those who take on HGH supplements have organs that remain young and pink despite the advanced age of the user. People who use HGH well into their forties can enjoy the body of twenty year old humans.

This is made possible because HGH supplements pretty much picks up where the body lefts off. Once the body starts to taper down the natural internal production of HGH, the supplements takes up the task. As such people can grow older while still looking younger.

  • It provides a person more energy

People who live an active lifestyle will surely appreciate the benefits of HGH. This is because the enhanced cell repair, improved physiological processes as well as better overall well being really helps provide a lot of energy to the body.

As such, those who enjoy the great outdoors, actively exercise or participate in a number of gruelling activities on a regular basis will definitely enjoy the benefits of HGH. These supplements really help improve the quality of life of a person.

This is the main reason why they are selling like hotcakes in the fitness and well being industry.

With the high demand for HGH, it is very important that people are very careful about where they buy their HGH supplements. There are many unscrupulous vendors who are only out to make a buck without providing anything of value.

Interested buyers should only buy from reputable and well established online vendors in order to get a safe purchase.


HGH-Rich Foods

HGH, or the human growth hormone, is a hormone responsible for fuelling growth and development during childhood and maintaining and promoting optimum function of the different organs and tissues throughout life.

The small pituitary gland located at the base of the brain is the one secreting the hormone and its production slows down with age or as a response to specific dietary deficiencies and ailments.

Be wary of the fact that no food contains HGH but when and what you eat can affect HGH production in the body.

Foods Rich In Protein

Protein-rich foods can stimulate the secretion of HGH in the pituitary gland, notes Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan, noted author of the book “Beyond Bedside Manner.”

The building block of proteins, substances called amino acids, are responsible for this increase in the production of human growth hormones related to proteins. Due to the fact that proteins often come packed with high fat levels, go for lean foods which have a high protein to fat ratio.

Some of the most excellent sources of these foods include tuna, wild salmon, Greek-style plain yogurt, tempeh, quinoa, organic eggs, organic chicken, beef lean cuts, and almonds.

Foods Which Are Low in GI

Blood sugar levels that are high have the tendency to inhibit HGH production in the body, so consuming a diet that is rich in foods which are low in GI or glycemic index, can help in its promotion.

This glycemic index gauges the various effects that different foods can have on sugar levels in the blood. Foods which can trigger a spike in the blood sugar are located high on the list and those which causes a gradual fall and rise are ranked lower.

According to “The Complete Guide to Boosting HGH Naturally,” a noted fitness professional and college coach named Chris Gafner, notes that avoiding processed foods, which rank on the top part of the GI, is a good and healthy initial step towards increasing HGH production in the body.

Additionally, eat more fresh vegetable and fruits as this rank on the lower part of the GI list.

Goji Berries

According to “Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future,” David Wolfe, the author, pointed out goji berries as a powerful promoter of production of human growth hormone in the body.

These goji berries, also known as wolfberries, came from the highlands of Mongolia and Tibet, where they were widely utilized for their medicinal characteristics for so many years. Wolfe notes that goji berries are good sources of polysaccharides, or the long sugar chain which boosts the immune reaction of the body.

Additionally, it contains 2-5 times more levels of antioxidants than blueberries. Experts recommend eating goji berries as these can stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH and it can provide your body with a host of many other health benefits.

GABA-Rich Foods

In a book called “Secrets of Longevity” by a Chinese medicine practitioner names Maoshing Ni, it is recommended that one should eat foods which have high GABA or gamma aminobutyric acid levels, an amino acid which stimulates production of HGH.